The Society shall consist of Active, Corresponding, Life, Honorary, Predoctoral and Advanced Graduate Education Fellow Members.

Any graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine or any officers of instruction in the Harvard School of Dental Medicine of at least one year standing is eligible to become an Active Member of this Society. For election he/she must be endorsed by two active members, be favorably reported after investigation by the Executive Committee as to character, personal and professional qualifications, and receive three fourths of the votes of the members present at any regular meeting subsequent to the Committee’s report. He/she shall thereafter pay the annual assessments. Individuals who have studied for a full academic year at the postdoctoral level at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine may be considered as candidates for membership in the Harvard Odontological Society. Final determination for eligibility of any one individual may be placed under the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee should this be deemed necessary.

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