Member Testimonials

“I have always found the Odontological Society meetings enjoyable for many reasons. Namely a chance to meet with other members of the HSDM community that are involved in the academic and research fields that I may not have a chance to have conversations with in a relaxed setting..Also a chance to meet new graduates,soon to be graduates as well as more experienced practitioners  to discuss current issues I find that the speakers presentations  both within dentistry, as well as some outside our field have valuable information we can all use. Combine all this with a great meal at a fantastic location, I find the Odontological society a great value.”

Dr. Charles Seitz

“HSDM affords us the opportunity to work alongside talented colleagues in training the exceptional students who are our profession’s future.  Education is unquestionably central to the mission but the true magic of the institution emerges from the Harvard Odontological Society, where faculty, alumni and students become friends, sharing interests within and far beyond the realm of dentistry.  It is the first dental society in the country, and I would suggest that it remains the very best.” 

Dr. Herbert Birnbaum.